News and Events

Scientific Publications: 

1. Article with results of animal study, conducted in Hadassah Hebrew University MC (Jerusalem, Israel) in cooperation with Institute for Research in Military Medicine, Israel Defense Forces Medical Corps, The Institute for Medical Research, Faculty of Medicine (Hebrew University) and Department of Surgery.  Full Text: .  

2. Article with results of retrospective clinical trials, conducted in Ziv Medical Centre (Safed, Israel) was published in Journal of Clinical Research and Case reports: Article Ziv Study – Chest wall thickness measurement for insertion of selffixating C-Lant device

Dr. Evgeny Solomonov, the PI of the study, is the Head of Surgery department in Ziv MC. 

KAVOUNOVSKI I, WAYSBEYN I, BISWAS S, ABRAMOV Y, DITZMAN M, et al. Chest wall thickness measurement for insertion of self-fixating C-Lant device. J Clin Res Case Rep. 2019; 2:113.

Presentations at Conferences:

Presentation at Euro PCR conference by Dr. Dinesh Shah (France)

Presentation at Israeli Surgery Meeting by Dr. Seema Biswas ( Israel)

Poster at Military Health System Research Symposium MHSRS (USA)

Annual Anesthesiology Conference, Dr. Ruth Shaylor Israel (Israel)

Participation in Competitions and Events

Vigor Medical is the winner of prestigious ICI Meeting Innovation Award (Israel).

Vigor Medical was chosen as the runner up of Shenzhen  International talents Competition Grand Final among 873 Companies from 5 countries (

Vigor Medical was the finalist of Innovation Days Event (France)

Vigor was chosen the Winner of iNNOVEX Disrupt Competition (Israel).

The award was received from the Minister of Science, Mr. Ofir Akunis.

Other News and Events

Participation in Inventech Program (Haifa, Israel) and grant, 2023-2024

Grant Received from European Innovation Council (EIC), 2023

US and EPO patents granted and validated in chosen European countries

Financial Support received from Haifa Economic Corporation (Israel)

Retrospective clinical trial completed in Ziv Medical Centre, Safed, Israel. 

Successful animal trials were conducted for C-Lant Device in Hebrew University (Jerusalem).  

Vigor Medical completed T-Factor Acceleration Program (Technion Institute, Israel) 

Vigor Medical completed MassChallenge Acceleration program (Boston,USA).